The pros and cons of CBD products

The pros and cons of CBD products


CBD oil is usually taken sublingually straight under the tongue or used as an additive to food.

Pros of Using CBD oil

High bio-availability

If taken sublingually, CBD oil has a relatively high bioavailability, meaning your body will feel the effects pretty quickly. However, the bioavailability is much lower if added to food or drink as it has to go through the digestive system first.

Cost effective

With more brands popping up all the time, the cost of CBD products has become much more competitive. Because you use a relatively small amount of CBD oil at a time, generally a few drops, it is more cost effective.

Cons of Using CBD oil

Getting used to the taste

The natural taste is usually described as ‘earthy’ or ‘grassy’ and can be hard to get used to. It may also make food or drink taste strange if used as an additive. However, there are different flavours of oils you can try if you find the natural taste unpleasant.


Choosing the right product depends on many often highly personal factors, including everything from what you enjoy the taste of to whether you work in an environment where you are able to openly take CBD. By weighing up the pros and cons of the many CBD products available, you’ll be able to pick something that is just right for you.


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