It’s simple, we're CBD takers turned CBD makers here to create moments throughout your day to reset and recharge. 


We’re old friends with a passion for helping those around us, it seems to have been our duty since CBD became legal for use in the UK in 2017. Being avid CBD takers to help us gain control of our moods and sleep, word soon got out amongst friends and family on the life changing benefits we’d discovered. Suddenly, my dad needed some for his back pain, my brother to help recover from a snowboarding accident and friends and their friends needed it for better sleep and reduced anxiety. We quickly realised that no matter the age, pain or feeling there was a place for CBD.

The list of recommendations and endless product sourcing goes on and after years of helping those around us, we figured it was time to spread our knowledge a little wider. However, we often felt dissatisfied with consistent issues surrounding the industry such as misinformed products, unsafe methods, lack of purity & taste and even products that contained no CBD. The past two years we've been on a mission to put this right by spending our time in the lab, on hemp farms and traveling to source premium organic ingredients in order to create the perfect tasting and most effective daily solution.

Mood was born from supplying friends and family with other companies products, but now proudly our own delivered to the many and we’re pretty sure you’ll agree, it’s a game changer. We’ll transport your mind away from the everyday stress and make each moment that little bit more special. When you use mood a positive outlook becomes the only outlook.

Enjoy the moment.

a sensory prescription

mood aims to transport your mind…

taste; mood products provide regular and consistent stimulation to taste buds with flavours that the brain begins to associate with the calming effects of CBD.

feel; In addition to premium broad spectrum CBD, our products are infused with ingredients - including Ginseng, Ashwagandha, B12 and Chamomile, that induce bodily reactions (stress reduction, energy boost, focus, sleep) we need to feel at our best.

hearing; To achieve the ultimate headspace, coupled with each of our oils - morning, noon, night - is a playlist that compliments the various phases of the day.

sight & touch; Engagement with pastel palettes, calming illustrations and quality materials is known to lift our mood and provide an optimum CBD experience. 

                                                           reach the ultimate headspace.

our process

With so many unreliable and unsafe products on the market we knew finding premium hemp extracted in the most effective and efficient way was essential. It is no secret that the UK is a long way behind the US with regards to the cannabis industry and the quality of product available in the market.

This is where our journey began, in order to develop and provide the UK with the highest quality CBD on the market we travelled across the US to hand-pick local organic hemp farmers and work directly alongside them. We chose our farmers, based in Columbia SC, due to their quality management, process control systems, and best-in-class equipment to anchor our efforts to exceed today’s and set tomorrow’s industry standards.

Our aim is to set a president so when the UK does increase and accelerate its efforts to support growing hemp on our own soil, mood will be at the forefront and in a position to relay our process.

Over years of working closely with our farmers it has allowed us to perfect a supercritical Co2 extraction method and purification process that grounds the hemp in to a coarse powder to remove undesirable compounds and protects the natural molecules. Ultimately it delivers a higher concentration of cannabidiol, uses no pesticides or solvents and produces a safe, pure end product while containing absolutely no THC, all without sacrificing flavour or taste. Once our hemp is 100% pure and refined it is shipped to our manufacturing facility here in the UK to be prepared for consumption where we make sure each ingredient compliments the advanced process we go through.

The result of all of this; organic, gluten free, vegan, no harmful solvents and the purest, highest quality CBD oil in the UK.

We believe quality and transparency are key in an industry that has become unnecessarily confusing, so to prove our promise we undergo rigorous third party lab testing to ensure all products have maximum purity and contain the correct amount of CBD as per the label.
Please enjoy our products with confidence.